Teen Driving

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A Teen’s Biggest Safety Threat is Sitting on the Driveway

Half of all teens will be involved in a car crash before graduating from high school. The more you know, the more you can do to prevent these crashes.

  • Laws Aren’t Enough – But Household Rules Can Come Close

    No state has laws strong enough to fully protect new teen drivers. Household rules about passengers, nighttime driving and cell phone use can fill gaps in state laws. A New Driver Deal outlines these rules. Learn more.

    Teens Crash Because They Are Inexperienced Drivers

    Contrary to popular belief, teens crash most often because they are inexperienced. They struggle judging gaps in traffic, driving the right speed for conditions and turning safely, among other things. Learn more.

    National Teen Driver Safety Week

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sponsors Teen Driver Safety Week each year in October. Parents are the biggest influencers on their teen drivers, even if you think they aren’t listening.

    NHTSA reminds parents to set the rules before they hit the road with “5 to Drive”:

    • No cell phones while driving
    • No extra passengers
    • No speeding
    • No alcohol
    • No driving or riding without a seat belt