! ! ! SCAM WARNING ! ! ! The latest method being reported for 2020

The Sheriff’s Office will NEVER call you and ask you to pay ANYTHING over the telephone to resolve any legal document, warrant or other issue. 

Scammers are at it again, and are now using our address of 1098 Monmouth Street and our main telephone number. The current complaint we have heard about is that the caller will state that your Social Security Number has been compromised and payment must be made via the caller for the Sheriff to resolve the issue. Most people should know that the Sheriff’s Office has nothing to do with correcting such an issue, but the callers are sometimes very convincing.

Remember, if in doubt, hangup and call the Sheriff’s Office during regular business hours to confirm if the situation is real. NEVER give out your social security number, date of birth or personal information unless you dialed our office yourself.

Sheriff’s Office does not collect money in anyway to make legal documents or warrants go away. Be alert! Be suspicious when you are receiving the call.

Lastly, our Offices are only open from 8 AM to 4 PM so if you are receiving a call after those hours, it is definitely not us.