SCAM UPDATE 4/2/2018 PLEASE READ! Please be alert and don’t get taken.

Recent scam alert update. 4/2/2018

Apparently scammers are now utilizing research to locate people at their place of work and calling them while at work. They know your name and will try and scare you into paying for not coming to jury duty. They often offer to meet you in our parking lot (which they never do).  They even give the sheriff’s office address, but convince the victims that handling it over the phone is the fastest way to stay out of jail.  You cannot pay for missing jury duty. They are caller ID faking our office number.

Two different school teachers have been taken this week from receiving calls at work. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!!!  The most recent victim even said to the supposed deputy, “I’m not sure I believe you” and the suspect still managed to convince her to pay with a gift card.


9/27/2017 – We are sorry to say that scammers are at it again and are still managing to convince people that it is the Sheriff’s Office calling.  The latest involves the caller using our Sheriff’s Office main address of 1098 Monmouth St., Newport, KY 41071 as a place to meet and pay to resolve the issue. In the conversation they manage to convince the person to acquire a gift card at Kroger or Walmart.  Once the card is activated and the number is given to the scammer, the money is gone and there is little that can be done about it at that point.  This is a HUGE RED ALERT that it is not real.  The scammers often use a caller ID masking tool so that the call looks like it is from a local exchange.  They can even fake our number.  If ever in doubt, call our office at 859-292-3833.

The Campbell County Sheriff’s Office wants you to know that we DO NOT, WILL NOT, CAN NOT, call anyone via telephone to tell them that they need to send money (and especially gift cards of any kind that they ask you to go and purchase) to rectify any form of tax bill, warrant or other paper service.  We ALWAYS attempt to make in-person contact.  If we can’t reach you, we will leave a door hanger with contact information.

The above is also true of the IRS.  Scammers often say they are from the IRS as well, but the IRS will NEVER call you to settle anything via telephone.