The Campbell County 2021 Senior Picnic

No One Let A Rainy Day Stop The Seniors From Coming And Enjoying.

Along with my deputies and so many County Officials and Employees, we enjoyed being able to come out and help with the event and to celebrate the senior citizens of our county. Yes it was raining the entire time, yet almost all ticket holders came. We got the folks in via golf cart from their parking spots, helped with umbrellas and got them situated under shelter. Near 400 lunches served and plenty of smiles were seen throughout. Thanks to everyone who works to make this happen each year. Some photos of the day are below. Click the image to see full size:

Sheriff Jansen talking with Commissioner Brian Painter (left photo) and Commissioner Geoff Besecker and County Maintenance Director Mike Braun (right photo)

Sheriff Lieutenant Nick Chaplin and Sheriff Sergeant Mark Grisik drive folks in from parking lot right to the registration table.

It was so great to see so many folks willing to brave the rainy weather. Sheriff Jansen pictured handing out lunches (bottom right photo left to right) with County PVA Administrator Daniel Braun, Campbell County Prosecutor Steve Franzen and County Judge Executive Steve Pendery.